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November 1, 2008, 1:42 am
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Liverpool-based a.P.A.t.T. are a bewildering and completely original six-piece band, utilising all available genres to create a daft and beautiful music. ‘Martin’s Quest’ is a chipper look at what lies behind the search for happiness within music

This is a.P.A.t.T. doing a POP song.

a.P.A.t.T. Syndication Show – Samizdat @ The Kazimer w / Oxes ,Bilge Pump
October 31, 2008, 10:11 pm
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a.P.A.t.T. Syndication Show

Samizdat @ The Kazimer w / Oxes ,Bilge Pump

Here is Samizdat Promoter Andrew Ellis singing as a guest for Oxes the Nivana Track “Drain You”

a.P.A.t.T. Summer Round Up – Latitude Festival, End of the Road Festival etc
October 31, 2008, 9:11 pm
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a.P.A.t.T. Summer Round Up -Latitude Festival, End of the Road Festival etc

a.P.A.t.T. . @ Latitude 2008

Fairing far better are the chaotic and truly wonderous sights and sounds of Liverpool’s a.P.A.t.T; a ramshackle collective sporting all manner of clobber (athletic vests, angel wings, cowboy jackets and capes), unified by their colour – white. The sextet are quite literally barnstorming; all jumbled time signatures – double bass, accordian, violin and all the usual elements get the treatment – and furious instrumentals they’re brilliantly uncategorisable. But that’s surely their point; they’re anarchic pop of the purest form and it is a joy from beginning to end.

WOrds : PEter GuY

On Wednesday 23rd July 2008 Huw Stevens Played “This Little Piggie” Live From Latitude on BBC Radio 1, and on the 24th July 2008 he played “Purple Ackee” .

We had quite a time at the BBC’s introducing stages hospitality section and loitered with intent with Wave Machines.. It was sunny throughout and generally a superb festival!

a.P.A.t.T. @ End of the Road Festival

End of the road is a small intimate festival for 5000 people

Says Ro, “[The idea for the festival] started after a bunch of us went to Greenland festival in Wales, and we liked the idea of what they’ve done.”And with so much advertising etc at other major festivals, we’d decided to take things back to the grass roots, and put bands in the order where it makes sense for them to be [rather than where they ‘should’ be].”

We played the Howard Monk Stage.

BBC South:Live – End of the Road Festival 2008

Help playing audio/video

a.P.A.t.T.’NOSFERATU ‘Live Film Soundtrack – Thurs Oct 30th @ The Big Screen **FREE

On October 30th 2008 at 7pm a.P.A.t.T. will be performing the definitive version of its four-year-long project, Nosferatu.

In collaboration with PMS radio show, The Big Screen Liverpool will televise F.W. Murnau’s 1922 vampire masterpiece, alongside a.P.A.t.T.’s new score, broadcast live from BBC Radio Merseyside.

At one of Liverpool’s most exciting times for art, this FREE event will be held on the opening night of Liverpool Music Week, during the Biennial 2008 in the city’s year as European Capital of Culture.

Described as ‘cinema translated into music’, a.P.A.t.T. has created a unique piece to be listened to ‘as an equal partner of the imagery, not a supporting role’.

Here is a Link to The BBC Article

Here is a Link to The Echo Article

Here is a Link to The LAST FM Event

a.P.A.t.T. Wave Machines, Mercy + more * THIS SAT at ST Brides Church, Liverpool
October 14, 2008, 11:57 pm
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a.P.A.t.T. Wave Machines, Mercy + more *THIS SAT at ST Brides Church, Liverpool

a.P.A.t.T. Wave Machines, Mercy +more *THIS SAT @ ST Brides Church


a.P.A.t.T. playing in a CHURCH with one of liverpools super wonderful numbers WAVE MACHINES



Staring a.P.A.t.T. Wave Machines, Salena Godden and Byron Vincent, plus Mercy residents and loads more shenanegans.

Saturday October 18th

7 – 11pm (last entry at 8pm)

@ St Brides Church, Percy Street, Liverpool

Bring your dads booze.

£5, advance tickets only: get them online at http://www.showmercy.co.uk, or by ringing the office on 0151 7089781 or Nathan on 0787766050

Featuring brand new music, poetry and multimedia collaborations, and specially commissioned artworks from Liverpool’s most exciting artists!!!




Our only Liverpool-based headline act are a 6-piece collective whose shows have shaken the UK scene to the core. Mercy have been trying to book them for ages. Now we have noise! a.P.A.t.T. officially began with the completion of a C90 cassette tape in 1998, and the disjointed, non-specific, omni-style of this recording influenced the multi-instrumentalist, ‘anti-hierarchical’ nature of their performances thereafter. Synthetic guitars, monosynth, melodica, drums, guitar, glockenspiel, cello, accordion, tin whistle…. This is the pinnacle of modern instrumentalism and craftsmanship.

“If you want something challenging, something beautiful, something different, something violent, something soothing, something like you’ve never heard before then this is where you need to go” Sean Organ


Wave Machines

Back with a full set this month, the co-directors of WIYRT have been winning plaudits across the media-sphere for their summer mini-tour, and latest release I Go I Go I Go, including big-ups from Rob Da Bank and Huw Stephens and feature-slots on Radio 1, Radio 6 and XFM.

Melodic excellence, a ruthless attention to detail and sublime song-writing lends an unparalleled quality to their performances, and this gig in their spiritual home has the promise to answer your prayers.

“Wave Machines will one day take over the world” Clash


Plus DJ Igor Hax


Byron Vincent

As recommended by just about everyone on the scene, Byron is a bitterly funny manc with special line in roughneck patter. He was a highlight at many of this years prestigious literary events including Cheltenham, Oxford Literature Festival, Glastonbury and Latitude Festival. His raucous, bitter brand of humour has won him slams across the UK, including Shambala, Secret Garden and the BBC Manchester Literary Festival.

“A consummate performer, achingly funny. The brightest new star on the block.” Apples and snakes.


Salena Godden

Famous for her sleazy, high-octane performances, Salena brought the house down when she performed at Korova for us a few years ago, and since then she’s had a massive book deal from Harper Colins for her autobiography, Springfield Road. Her band Saltpeter released their second single ‘I’m Not Gay But…’ last year, on Fred Label.

“Salena is a tour de force. Rather than perfecting a style she is style. Like most artists of note – there is no-one like her” Lemn Sissay



Death in Upper Duke Street by Lizzie Nunnery

Originally a commission for BBC Radio 3 this play was inspired by the poetry and paintings of Adrian Henri. A poet faced by Death is taken on a journey through the key moments of his life and art. This new audio visual version of the ten minute piece will celebrate Henri’s work in the most appropriate setting, at the heart of his beloved L8.

Lizzie’s play Intemperance was produced at the Liverpool Everyman in October 2007 and published by Faber. She is Pearson Playwright in Residence at the Liverpool Everyman for 2008.


Plus residents Nathan Jones and Ross G Sutherland getting down and pleading with The Big Man.


Ben Parry

Founding director of the legendary Jump Ship Rat arts venue and production company, Ben’s artistic history reads like a maniac’s rap-sheet. He was responsible for ‘Ballet Mechanique’, the sonic junk street machine made of a milk float, which starred in last years Biennial, and last time he exhibited with Mercy he was operating a machine that smashed an upright piano to pieces. One of the most consistently dynamic and relevant artists in the city, he’s also a great photographer, academic, curator, spokesman and advocate for independent art. The perfect guest for our funeral.


a.P.A.t.T. appear and compose music for BBC TV Sitcom ‘Massive’ Starring Ralf Little, Johnny Vegas etc
October 6, 2008, 10:32 pm
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a.P.A.t.T. in BBC sitcom “MASSIVE” w Johnny Vegas, Ralf Little etc

Massive – Brand new comedy series on BBC Three from Sunday 14 September featuring the formiddable a.P.A.t.T.

a.P.A.t.T. play a hapless band who sure can play but are just too odd for mass consumption…Ring any bells!?… Ralf Little’s character describes the band as “Shit”.

Massive is a new comedy series on BBC Three starring Ralf Little (Two Pints Of Lager, The Royle Family), Carl Rice (Scallywagga) and Johnny Vegas (Ideal, Benidorm).

Danny (Ralf Little) and Seamus (Carl Rice) bonded over Oasis in ‘94 and have been best mates ever since. Both Manchester born-and-bred, both mid-twenties and both temping in dead-end jobs, they’re united by one all-consuming passion: music.

Inspired by the city’s local heroes – Tony Wilson, Joy Division, The Happy Mondays – the lads wile away the dreary office hours dreaming of their own record label.

The Lamps (a.P.A.t.T)

Shay wants Marple six-piece, The Lamps, to be Shady Music’s first signing. Danny has other ideas; the band perform in masks and write songs about Jeremy Paxman – they’re never going to sell any records. When Danny refuses to audition the band, Shay threatens to quit the label. He won’t work with someone who cares more about money than art. Danny relents and The Lamps enter into a fierce Battle of the Bands with HearKittyKitty.


a.P.A.t.T. Syndication 2008 Catch up So Far!
October 3, 2008, 8:30 pm
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a.P.A.t.T. Syndication Show Sh -101 Demonstration


a.P.A.t.T. Syndication Show Sh -101 Demonstration

This is No 1 in our turorial/demonstrations series.
Get down on it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

a.P.A.t.T. live to 250 school kids

a.P.A.t.T. live to 250 school kids.

Performing their classic ‘IDI’ replacing the name IDI with one of the teachers ‘Mr Precious’


Indica Ritual Short Live Clip

Indica Ritual Short Live Clip video

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

a.P.A.t.T. Syndication 2 Zombina and the Skeletones at Zombie Hop 29-9-07

Syndication 2
Zombina and the Skeletones
Zombie Hop

Monday, 17 September 2007

a.P.A.t.T. Syndication 1

Its here!! The first content specific Syndication broadcast. Tuck right in.
Buzz Buzz Bang Night

-safety word
-indica ritual

Feedback please …x


Friday, 7 September 2007

First Audio RSS – Nice II Part 1

Nice II – MP3

Calling all a.P.A.t.T. ’s
October 3, 2008, 7:09 pm
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Great new a.P.A.t.T. blog.

Get on it!

Here is the story so far

Upcoming Shows ( view all )

18 Oct 2008 20:00
a.P.A.t.T. w / Wave Machines St Brides, Liverpool

30 Oct 2008 20:00
a.P.A.t.T. Perform Live Contemporary Score, Nosferatu @ Liverpool Big Screen/ BBC Radio Merseyside Liverpool, Northwest

7 Nov 2008 20:00
a.P.A.t.T w/ Sun Ra Arkestra,Vialka,Chops,DJScotch Egg,Acid Mothers London, London and South East

8 Nov 2008 20:00
8th – 23rd a.P.A.t.T n Chops Do France loads of places

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About aPAtT

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U.K.£10.00 E.U. €15.00 U.S.A.$18.00

a.P.A.t.T Vs Stig Noise Sound System.->Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl and CD/Download Release. March ‘08 Class A Audio. OOOoo a.P.A.t.T. are very busy at the moment, oh yes very busy indeed.
a.P.A.t.T.’s latest album entitled ‘Black & White Mass’ (Pickled Egg) is from the very outer limits of what pop music can be whilst being filled-to-bursting with sheer entertainment value that earned it ‘Album of the Week’ on Radio 1. Plan B magazine commented, “No frequency left unturned, no genre left unwrapped or ignored”. Subsequently, Huw Stevens invited a.P.A.t.T. to play the BBC stage at Latitude Festival 2008. Several other festivals await a.P.A.t.T., as well as a French tour for 2008. Another interesting quirk of fate falls upon a.P.A.t.T.; they have been working with BBC TV on a sitcom, starring Ralf Little and Johnny Vegas, entitled ‘Massive’. a.P.A.t.T. play a hapless band who sure can play but are just too odd for mass consumption…Ring any bells!?… Ralf Little’s character describes the band as “Shit”.

**a.P.A.t.T. have a new full length 72 min CD release entitled ‘Black & White Mass’ on Pickled Egg Records (Need New Body, Bablicon, The Go Team, Zukanican, Daniel Johnston, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Fulbourn Teversham,) AVAILABLE NOW. Pickled Egg are an important label in U.K. and you could do worse than go look at their other artists because their all quite awesome!**

(e.P.) – 2002 – aPehAt recordings (L.P.) – 2004 – aPehAt recordings
Fre(e.P.) – 2005 – aPehAt recordings
Ch(e.a.P.) – 2005 – aPehAt recordings
Black & White Mass – 2008 -Pickled Egg/ aPehAt recordings
Split 12″ -2008 -Vinyl ‘Class a Audio’ w/Stignoise


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